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Fostering Ethical and Empathetic Leaders

Friends Seminary has always encouraged its students, faculty, and staff to think of themselves as participants in and shapers of a complex and ever‐changing environment. Friends believes that such preparation is most effective when we embrace the outside world. Through a global education program that is both in and of the city and in and of the world, Friends will strive to foster real world engagement through strategic partnerships, global stewardship and a school community reflective of the world’s diversity.

Real World Engagement Through Strategic Partnerships

To develop a global vision within our students, Friends recognizes that it must focus on integrating international perspectives into the learning experience of our students. It is through education and exchange that we become better collaborators, competitors and compassionate neighbors in this global society.

Global Stewardship

As citizens of today and tomorrow, students must understand and reconcile complex, competing values in an interconnected world. Quaker education has a long history of empowering its students to be stewards of the natural and social world. Continuing these efforts, Friends strengthens our commitment to cultivating global leaders equipped with the skills and ethics to understand the world that is, and help bring about the world that ought to be.



Friends Seminary’s Center for Peace, Equity & Justice* supports student and faculty development of the core values of equality, diversity, and community engagement, which reflects Quaker testimonies and their accompanying legacy of activism. The Center brings together academic, social, and cultural programs that contribute to wider movements for social change. By connecting theory to real-world practice, the Center stresses learning through action, and equips students and faculty with global competencies that allow them to realize their human capacity to bring about the world that ought to be. Through its programs and course offerings, grounded in Quaker philosophy and practice, the Center seeks to connect ideas, resources, and people to advance social justice, build inclusive and sustainable communities, and foster lifelong commitments to public service.

CPEJ Contacts

Kara Kutner

Director of the Center for Peace, Equity & Justice

Kirsti Peters

Director of Diversity,
Equity & Belonging


Annah Heckman

CPEJ Specialist for Service Learning and Civic Engagement

Ava Heller

Specialist for Diversity, Equity and Belonging

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